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Why Dropship Murah?
How Does It Work?

When a customer submits an order,the retailer processes the order and accepts payment then according to system in place,either digitally or manually submits the order to the product source along with payment and customer information.The product is then sent directly from the source warehouse to the customer.All parties are satisfied and the retailer makes a profit from the difference between what the customer is charged and what is paid to the product source.

There are definitely a lot of reasons why a retailer should look into dropshipping,here are 5 to get you started:

Save time

1. With dropshipping services,the retailer doesn't have to spend the time and effort of receiving storing,inventorying and picking and packing products for shipment.Instead these time-consuming tasks are done at growing sales.Especially for smaller,startup companies with few employees,that extra time can make a world of difference in the long run.

More Product Options

2. This arrangement gives the retailer the opprtunity to sell a wide variety of products that would be impossible to inventory with limited warehouse space and labor.This is of great benefit to online merchants who may do business without having any storage at all.Retailers can sell hundreds of products without touching a package.Dropshipping services can enhance the process through different features,such as order tracking,printing and applying specific retailer labels,and online account management.

Quicker to market

3. Dropshipping reduces wait times,It takes the same amount of time to post a dropshipped product as it does to post one you have in inventory.Having to maintain inventory levels can be a tracky process as it's subject to fluctuations in supply and demand.Often a product has to be backordered.Having them shipped directly from the manufactures aliminates these delays and creates better customer satisfaction.Developing your own products is even more time consuming,where as any similar product offered by a dropshipper can be advertised at once.

Quality Control

We ensure you that our main focus will be in quality of the product.We will make sure that cistomer get the best quality from us and we serve customer as V.I.P dropshipping.

Lower Investment

4. The main concept behind dropshipping is that eliminates the need for keeping products in inventory.Dropshipping generally doesn't require any special membership fees or retailers with a product source can simply start selling them.It also aliminates the facility space and labor that would be needed to maintain a varied inventory.Entrepreneurs who opt to market dropshipped products can start a retail operation at a very low cost.

Explore New Markets

5. Even for established retailers,dropshipping allows them to test new products without having to invest in inventory stock levels.They can easily make arrangements with a dropshipper to evaluate the demand amongth their consumers without investing an inventory of different sizes and colors that might be a big loss if the product idea doesn't catch on.